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Working with the Creation Waves

By Arafelle Oné

It all began with the big bang when the first creation wave exploded out from the Source. That wave or underworld as described by the Maya, lasted 15-16 billion years. During that vast time span the earth settled into roughly its present form and single cell organisms came into being. In the pyramid shaped time sequence of the long count calendar each subsequent wave lasted a twenty times shorter period and brought into being the first animals (820 million years ago), the first primates (40 million years ago), the first humans (2 million years ago). Since then the changes in waves and the many detailed lesser cycles within the waves can be shown to coincide with the development of human culture over time. The most telling of these are the changes from ‘spiritual’ Day to ‘spiritual’ Night which happen half way through a wave. Major civilisations and cultural developments have consistently arisen during the Days and fallen during the Nights when a process of integration and recalibrating takes place.

On 28 October 2011 all the nine waves of creation for the first time in the history of the universe were synchronised and shifted into Night phases. If not the end of the world that certainly would suggest a time of major change, transformation on planet Earth had begun. On different levels of our beings we are living immersed in all the waves which continue in their creative cycles. The four lower waves are in a frequency range that is morphogenetic or biological while the four highest waves are in the frequency range that may be termed mental. The Fifth Wave at the boundary between these two frequency ranges has qualities typical of both. As the waves interact with each other they form holograms that create new realities on all levels of the Universe, from galaxies to earthly bodies and human minds. The side of the globe and the side of the human mind and brain that receive the light at the beginning of a wave, is thus creatively activated. This has had major consequences in the development of human consciousness and civilisation.

At the end of the unified Fifth wave the polarised Sixth wave came in, highlighting the Left and Western hemispheres of the planet, the human brain and the global mind. The separation from the One Source and emphasis on left brain functioning was acutely felt, creating a fear filled insecurity leading to a need to control and dominate. This was the beginning of the patriarchal age and many of its ‘evils’, the suppression of the Divine Feminine and subjugation of women being at the root, coinciding with the beginning of slavery and war worldwide.

We are all intimately connected in the energetic mind field of humanity and the planet and now know that our individual consciousness, our thoughts and emotions as well as our actions can have profound effects on the collective consciousness or global mind. So how do we experience and work with the Creation Waves on the inner level of our beings? How can we bring forth positive creative responses to the waves and let go of or transmute negative destructive reactions? Here are some suggestions:

The FIFTH – The Wave of Natural Enlightenment, of tuning into our natural instinctual wholeness, of reclaiming our embodiment on planet Earth. Cultivate Embodied Presence through Somatic meditations which work with the body rather than with the thinking mind. ”Somatic meditation is a way to tune into the naturally quiet, luminous and loving awareness that is already present in our body. We can discover that this embodied presence is itself the domain of healing and realisation.“

Spend time in Nature – with plants, animals, rocks, the ocean, streams and rivers, mountains, volcanos and thermal areas, tuning into the complex yet harmonious workings of our own bodies and the intricate, interrelated ecosystems of Earth body Gaia. Reference: Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman. Tend a garden, sow seeds and watch what happens, save seeds. Reconnect with “the anima mundi – the intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body” Spiritual body/mind practices such as Tai chi, tantric yoga, dance, surfing, walking barefoot on the Earth … done mindfully these practices bring us back into our bodies and in touch with our spiritual wholeness.

Many indigenous cultures world wide have maintained their rituals, ceremonies and ‘shamanistic’ practices that put them in touch with energies that exist beyond material form, in what is now known as the Field. The time has come now (often as prophesied) for many of these practices to be shared. Groups form to revive and practice these ancient ceremonies that nourish and heal our spirits and Mother Earth. Everything is able to be shared on internet media now so we can learn about and participate with large numbers of incarnated souls, at a distance or in groups in our own Earth neighbourhood.

The SIXTH – Yang, Left Brain, Western hemisphere of Earth, Global Mind. Shifts between Night and Day take place every 394 years (whole period 788 years). The Sixth Wave rolled in 3115BCE. Its hologram focusing the light on Earth’s western hemisphere and humanity’s left brain produced a dualistic mind set, activating the rational as opposed to the instinctual intuitive mind. This in turn inspired the creation of ‘civilizations’ across the globe, with a subsequent explosion during the Day periods of mathematical understanding, science, physics and religion. At the same time the felt separation from Source created by the dualistic mind engendered great fear and a need to control the environment, now felt as more threatening than nurturing. Carl Calleman has called this “the hologram of good and evil” (The Nine Waves of Creation chapters 4 & 5). Fear led to the development of a pattern of dominance, rooted in suppression of knowledge of the Divine Feminine and the subjugation of women, and the advent of war, slavery and the multiple ‘evils’ still ongoing in our present age. Working with this wave is all about transmuting inner fear filled programming that keeps us stuck in patriarchal ways of believing and being. On an emotional psychological level it’s about letting go of the need to analyse, define, categorise and control. It means finding ways of changing adversarial social and political patterns so that they do not feed further dualistic polarised thinking. Watch for all tendencies to label and judge, releasing outer projections and working/playing with the shadows within. A good dose of humour can help defuse the intensity of trying to get it right!

The SEVENTH – The Wave of Natural Endarkenment. This twenty times higher frequency wave, activated in 1755CE, has a period (a full Day-Night cycle) of 39.4 years. Shifts between Days and Nights take place every 19.7 years. These are thus the first Day/Night wave shifts that we can consciously experience changing as they happen several times during most life times. Right now we can anticipate the Seventh Wave shifting from Night to Day in 2030. The dark hologram of the Seventh Wave following on from the light hologram of the Fifth and left brain hologram of Sixth waves created new vibrations, an opportunity for humanity to perceive the world in new ways. It was a time of the so called Enlightenment, the Renaissance, the Scientific revolution, the advent of serious materialism, globalisation, democracy and republics, atheistic and egalitarian thinking. The drive for the abolition of slavery and the first wave of Feminism began. It would seem these movements were towards a more holistic and unified way of being and in many ways they were. So what was missing? Why didn’t this Wave produce a final unifying consciousness? I suggest that it was self-reflection that was missing. The drives were largely focused outwards, possibly still fleeing the darkness and shadows within. Working with the Dark Seventh Wave means reclaiming the Night. It means working with Death, with our fears, our losses and grieving processes. It means creating new/old organic and holistic rituals and processes around dying and death. It means embracing all the comfort, mysteries and wonders of the Dark Goddess and her gifts of rest, dreams and renewal. Work/play with dreams and visions, especially of Utopian worlds, sorting true spiritual vision from illusion and escapist fantasy. Keep a dream journal and express creatively in all forms of art.

The EIGHTH – Yin, Right Brain, Eastern hemisphere of Earth, Global Mind. The Eighth Wave, emphasises the opposite hemisphere to the Sixth Wave (Yin and East as opposed to Yang and West). Much of what has occurred since the activation of this wave in 1999 can be understood in terms of attempts to balance the societal extremes created in response to the Sixth wave. The insightful book “The Alphabet versus the Goddess” by Leonard Shlain  tells the story of the artificially, humanly created (as opposed to organic and real) conflict between Yin and Yang, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, over the centuries. Living and working with the Eighth Wave suggests conscious awakening, learning a middle way that doesn’t just flip to the other extreme. We especially need to work with sorting the positive from negative effects of the digital technology revolution. In supporting and furthering the ongoing empowerment of women, especially women’s leadership, it is important to reclaim the Divine Feminine within and put Her out there.

Be artistically creative just for the sake of experiencing the insights this brings rather than for any financial or repetitional gain. Work/play with Music and primordial Sound. Ancient wisdom becomes more and more available for the ‘enlightenment’ of all through the sharing of internet technology. Mantra chanting and meditation is very powerful in shifting energies in the physical body, the chakras, in the collective Field and in the body of Earth. Technological Sound innovations, aiming to entrain the brain into specific beneficial wave lengths and patterns are now available to all who can access the internet. Through listening to these is now possible to enter deep states of meditation snd relaxation previously only achieved by very longtime meditators.

The NINTH – The Wave of Conscious Enlightenment, Unified Awareness. When the Ninth Wave rolled in, in 2011, it presented the potential to consciously get back in touch with the Source. Unity Consciousness now incorporates all that humanity has experienced and learnt through living immersed in the wave energies that have enlivened our beings since the last hologram of light emerged during the Fifth wave. This last wave has a very high frequency, Day and Night changes taking place every 18 days.

Download Ninth Wave charts for 2019 & 2020 and guidance on how to work/play with the Ninth Wave here:

Mayan Calendar Update and How to Use the Ninth Wave Chart.pdf
2019 Ninth Wave Chart.pdf
2020 Ninth Wave Chart.pdf
Working with the Creation Waves.pdf

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