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How to Use the Ninth Wave Chart

The main aim of the chart is to facilitate awareness of the creative energies emanating from the Universal Source that are constantly moving through us, vitalising our lives. When we know the current, tune, wave breaks of the moment we can more easily harmonise what we are doing in our lives with this universal creative force. Those who are still in touch with the Fifth Wave, more embodied and at home on the planet, may intuitively and instinctively, go with the flow. For most of us however this natural attunement has been lost through the various interference patterns of subsequent waves and the consequent developments of ‘civilisation’. The Eighth Wave, emphasising the opposite hemisphere to the Sixth Wave (Yin and East as opposed to Yang and West), changes polarity from Day to Night every 360 days. For most of 2019 the Eighth Wave is in the Day phase, it’s midpoint (depth of the valley of the wave) being 18 April and its change into Night being 17 September. For most of 2020 the Eighth Wave is in the Night phase, changing into Day again on 11 September 2020. The Ninth Wave of unified Light energy moves through valleys and peaks, Nights and Days every 36 days.

Simply put the Days of the waves are periods of heightened creativity while the Nights are times for rest and reflection. Both energies are equally spiritual, or ‘divine’, in essence. However in patriarchal times darkness and night, along with their association with women, the Goddess and her mysteries, the body, the Earth and her autumn/winter seasons, the Moon, intuitive, instinctual and animal sensitivities, and many creatures such as snakes and spiders sacred to Her in the past, have been stripped of their positive power and demonised. Thus black, night, darkness etc symbolize evil and are to be feared and destroyed, while white, day, light etc symbolize good and are to be fought for. This theme is played out constantly in movies where you always know the evil ones by their dark blackness and the good by their shining white light.

Not only has the fear of and demonising of darkness created much trauma in the world as described above, but human surrender to the over whelming driving force of creative light has also had devastatingly destructive consequences. Over production of everything from oppressive civilisations, to human beings (7+ billion and still rising), to nuclear bombs and power stations, cell phones and plastic, plastic, plastic is now causing sociological and environmental crises that threaten our very survival. Creativity in and of itself is not all good.

My suggestion when using the chart is to focus on the periods of Night as much as on the periods of Day. Keep a journal documenting what you notice about your moods, feelings, energy and creative drive, especially during the peaks and valleys and when the wave changes from Day to Night. Keep a dream journal and notice the changes both in quantity, content and feeling tone of your dreams. If you are in touch with your day dreaming, note these down too, and especially if you get caught up in fear and worry visualisations. If you have a preferred meditation practice use these times to explore and release any deep fears that surface. Watch for the projection of fears onto others, look at your triggers and if things get too scary get help with processing from a trusted friend or counsellor. Use art, music, dance, drama… any form of spontaneous creative self-expression that puts it out there for you to better see and understand. Keep documenting your insights. I’ll be delighted to hear from you about your experiences working and playing with the Ninth Wave of Creation in these extraordinary times. It’s an adventure of a life time, this life time. Enjoy!

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