The Mayan Calendar and the Creation Waves


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Mayan Calendar Update

By Arafelle Oné

In 2011/12 the Mayan Calendar came to an end didn’t it? Well, no, what appeared to come to an end was a 5000 year calendar period called the Long Count, one of many extraordinary numerical systems the ancient Mayans used to measure time. According to Carl Calleman what happened on the Long count end date was that all the nine waves of creation for the first time in the history of the universe were all synchronised and went into a phase shift together.

It all began with the big bang when the first creation wave exploded out from the Source. That wave or underworld as described by the Maya, lasted 15-16 billion years. During that vast time span the earth settled into roughly its present form and single cell organisms came into being. In the pyramid shaped time sequence of the long count calendar each subsequent wave lasted a twenty times shorter period and brought into being the first animals (820 million years ago), the first primates (40 million years ago), the first humans (2 million years ago). Since then the changes in waves and the many detailed lesser cycles within the waves can be shown to coincide with the development of human culture over time. The most telling of these are the changes from ‘spiritual’ Day to ‘spiritual’ Night which happen half way through a wave. Major civilisations and cultural developments have consistently arisen during the Days and fallen during the Nights when a process of integration and recalibrating takes place.

This is what Carl Calleman says at the beginning of The Nine Waves of Creation: “This book describes what I believe to be a deep and long-lasting new paradigm about where we come from and the underlying factors that drive evolution in all its aspects, including those that are behind the course of human history.” Similarly, as astrologer and shaman Barbara Hand Clow writes in her Forward to The Nine Waves of Creation: “Everything ‘out there’ is frequencies or waves interpreted by our minds when we observe things. I believe in this definition of the material world based on quantum physics … Carl Calleman decodes what is, and has been, happening in our quantum-holographic world by proving that the fabled Tree of Life is the central organizer of space-time.”

As the technological means becomes available scientists are able to look further and further back in time to study the afterglow of the Big Bang. Recently, contrary to previous beliefs, a recognisable structure has emerged in the CMBR (cosmic microwave background radiation). This structure has a Cosmic Axis and polarised fields of temperature that corkscrew around it. This brings to mind many symbolic and physical structures known to us: the Caduceus, the traditional symbol of Hermes with two snakes winding around a winged staff; the DNA double helix; the Aztec Hunab-ku (creator) symbol; innumerable Fibonacci sequence spirals manifesting in Nature; the Tao, Yin and Yang. As the waves emanating from the Source interact with each other they form holograms that initiate new realities on all levels of the Universe, from galaxies to earthly bodies and human minds. These holograms are pure potentiality, each having a structure of Light and Dark that influences what comes into physical manifestation.

The four lower waves are in a frequency range that is morphogenetic or biological while the four highest waves are in the frequency range that may be termed mental. The Fifth Wave at the boundary between these two frequency ranges has qualities typical of both. As the waves interact with each other they form holograms that create new realities on all levels of the Universe, from galaxies to, earthly bodies and human minds. The side of the globe and the side of the human mind and brain that receive the light at the beginning of a wave, is thus creatively activated. This has had major consequences in the development of human consciousness and civilisation. At the end of the unified Fifth wave the polarised Sixth wave came in, highlighting the Left and Western hemispheres of the planet and the global mind. The separation from the One Source and emphasis on left brain functioning was acutely felt, creating a fear filled insecurity leading to a need to control and dominate. This was the beginning of the patriarchal age and many of its ‘evils’, the suppression of the Divine Feminine and subjugation of women being at the root, coinciding with the beginning of slavery and war worldwide.

During the peaks and valleys, that is Days and Nights, of the Sixth Wave patriarchal civilisations have risen and fallen, as have struggles for equality which have also had their backlashes. Those born before 1999 (most of the population today) experience the Seventh Wave of unified Night consciousness, that began in 1755, as their highest frequency. Because this wave created holograms of darkness it may have exacerbated the fears created by the Sixth wave and humans fought even harder to control and subdue the natural world which appeared more and more threatening rather than essentially divine as perceived during the Fifth wave. I would suggest therefore one of the greatest needs now is for us to re-embrace Night, darkness and all that we have repressed because of our fears (see How to Use the Ninth Wave Chart for suggestions on how to do this).

There are signs now that many of the Millennium generation (those born with natural access to the energies of the Eighth and Ninth waves) are in fact more awake and ‘enlightened’ and are beginning to change the world in positive ways. There are many examples of young people coming up with highly innovative solutions for the diverse crises the world is facing. Some of the most extraordinary leaders today are still in their teens, are non-white and many are young women, bringing an entirely new perspective to the patriarchal world view. With Ninth Wave unity energy being more accessible generally, people of all ages are gathering in groups, in realtime/space or in the virtual group-mind reality that is the internet (Eighth Wave), to work, meditate and play together to achieve heightened states of awareness. The focus in many of these groups is not just to bliss out together but rather to move the human race on in its evolution, to co-create a new paradigm of reality and bring a new unified world into being.

The last wave that incorporated a unified Day consciousness was the Fifth Wave which began 102,500 years ago and lasted 15,800 years. A sense of reflective self-consciousness, art, spirituality and ritual all have roots in this age. Many indigenous cultures world wide have maintained their rituals, ceremonies and ‘shamanistic’ practices that put them in touch with energies that exist beyond material form, in what is now known as the Field. The time has come now (often as prophesied) for many of these practices to be shared. Again the internet comes into play allowing people to get together in groups around the planet to share in ceremony, sometimes coinciding with significant peaks and valleys of the Eighth and especially the Ninth Wave. Hope for the future of a more whole, evolved and enlightened world arises with these last high frequency waves of creation.