The Mayan Calendar and the Creation Waves


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Quantum Science and the Mayan Calendar Waves of Creation

Carl Calleman’s new book “Quantum Science of Psychedelics ~ the Pineal Gland, Multidimensional Reality and Mayan Cosmology”, provides us with a way forward in navigating these extraordinary times of evolutionary transformation. He brings together the latest findings in fields of astronomy, quantum physics, shamanic journeying and psychology with a detailed analysis of the Mayan calendar’s description of the ongoing process of creation. He shows that evolution and the development of human society, does not happen in a Darwinian Newtonian physics way of gradual mutation through the survival of the fittest, but rather in quantified leaps following pre-existent geometric patterns. This blueprint, and its implementation through time, is described in accurate detail by the ancient Maya in the construction of nine-step pyramids and writings about the long count calendar.

Carl offers substantial evidence of the saying ‘as above so below’ as he links recent deep space astronomer’s findings of a primal pattern in the cosmic background radiation which emerged from the Big Bang. This structure named the Preferred Axis in Cosmology has a distinct differentiating duality, reminiscent of yin and yang within the tao. The cosmic axis has been described as the Tree of Life by many ancient peoples whose creation myths name it the Source of all creation. The number nine figures in many of these stories worldwide. Incredibly the Mayan understood how it worked mathematically, as shown in their many pyramids and surrounding mythology.

In his series of books, Carl has linked the Mayan’s knowledge to the prehistoric archeological records of Earth’s development and the historical records of human civilisations. The sequential downloading of geometric waves of increasingly higher frequencies have over time, created increasingly complex forms of life and social organisation. Every new quantum wave joins and interferes with those already in play, changing the frequency patterns and thus the manifestations of creation. This theory of evolution happening in quantum jumps radically challenges Newtonian Darwinian evolutionary theories.

How did Psychedelics get into the picture? We need to go back a step or two, or maybe six, to look at how the creation waves download specific geometric patterns onto Earth. These wave patterns of darkness and light are in essence, expressions of dualism and wholeness. The nature of the Universe is holographic. As each new wave pattern emerges from the Tree of Life, it appears instantaneously on all levels of creation. From macrocosmic to microcosmic, from galaxies to Earth to our human selves, to the atoms and ever-smaller forms within. Images from Carl’s book below, inserted with his kind permission, show this holographic progression.

Creative Waves

The last wave that incorporated unity consciousness was the all Light holistic Fifth Wave, which began 102,500 years ago in which a single wave period lasted 15,800 years. A sense of reflective self-consciousness, art, spirituality and ritual all have roots in this age. Humanity then was still intimately in touch with the Source. However, the Sixth Wave rolling in around 3000 BCE had a dual geometric pattern, one side dark the other light. When downloaded into the brains of humans, this created a left-brain ego dominance, which left us feeling separated from our Source. The consequence in human culture was the establishment of individual power-over dynamics and public dominance institutions, commonly known as patriarchy. Of course, power-over others can never solve the problem of acute abandonment we feel being out of touch with our Cosmic Mother Creator.

Finally, this is where psychedelics come in. In recent years psychedelics have had a rebirth in the field of mental health. Many studies now show that they can relieve severe symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorders, addiction, anxiety, depression, the suffering of which can lead to suicide. The mystical experience of being in touch with divinity heals back to wholeness. The pineal gland is the meeting point between body and mind, the physical gateway in the body through which geometric wave patterns are downloaded. To quote Carl “…the pineal is a reducing valve… a point of anchoring which ensures that the dualities of the mind that it mediates are effectively influencing the human brain.” Carl shows that through their effect on the pineal gland, psychedelics work to bypass the reducing valve filters (often described as veils in esoteric teachings) and lessen ego 3D consciousness, to experience a holistic connection with the Divine Source.

Carl focuses on how psychedelics affect the pineal gland as this can be scientifically tested and explored. Ancient people knew of the bifurcated structure of the human brain and the power of the pineal. They devised many ways of reconnecting with Source, inducing altered trance states of consciousness through various Shamanic practices. Carl suggests that Shamanism arose in response to the downloading of the Sixth Wave and the fear and feelings of abandonment it engendered. In the East, meditation disciplines whose aim is to go beyond ego into ‘enlightened’ states of consciousness, have been passed down through teacher lineages over many centuries. With the advent of the higher frequency waves, these teachings have integrated into Western mainstream culture, as with psychedelics in the field of healing.

So what about that famous 2012 Mayan calendar end date? The calendar did not end. However, something did happen for the first time in the history of the Universe. On the Long count date of 28 October 2011, all nine waves of creation synchronised and went into a phase shift together. The nine creation waves described in the Long count are still in effect, vibrating at different frequencies like a cosmic symphony. The First Wave is like an underlying drone in the background and so on up to the Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness, the highest instrumental sound imaginable. The Ninth Wave, activated in March 2011, has an entire wave period of 36 days, 18 days common days in a spiritual Day, followed by 18 common days in a spiritual Night. During the Days or peaks of the waves, we have easier access to the creative vibration of One Being. We are more able to express this individually and collectively co-creating new realities. During the Nights, or valleys of the waves, we are confronted with whatever within our individual and collective awareness is inconsistent with the manifestations of outer consciousness. The Nights are times for realigning and integrating within, before reacting to whatever is happening on the outside. A dreaming time for connecting with the deep still centre of the One Being, the womb out of which creation arises.

Now is the time for humanity to reconnect with Source Divinity. To do that we need to move into resonance with the Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness, each finding our way to bypass the ego and the limiting geometry of the Sixth Wave, to quantum leap into an awakened state of Being. We need to do this again and again, day by day, surrendering our past limitations, going where we haven’t been before. As we practice and trust in the process, it becomes natural and enjoyable. Through time it has the potential to become our new default setting of Conscious Being.

REFERENCE: The Quantum Science of Psychedelics – The Pineal Gland, Multi Dimensional Reality, and Mayan Cosmology by Carl Calleman PH D. Published in 2020 by Inner Traditions, VT USA